A Word from the Head

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! 

With the weather improving, I want to remind you that paying more attention to your health would be a good idea, especially on the eve of the summer  field labor" season. If you have cataract, and the summer labor season is approaching, keep in mind that the post operation rehabilitation period after well-performed operation regarding immature cataract, does not exceed 2 weeks. So, you will be in time for everything if you apply to our clinic soon. Regarding glaucoma, urgent addressing ophthalmologist is of primary importance, because the vision loss caused by glaucoma is irreversible. The sooner the disease was revealed and the treatment started, the more chances to preserve eyesight are available.

Dear  barnacled" students!

The time of summer exams and authorized holidays is coming. If you are mature enough for freedom and independence, at least from spectacles, plan examination in our clinic in advance for the excimer laser correction of shortsightedness, astigmatism or farsightedness. We perform operations on several excimer laser devices, depending on the eye particular features. We will be waiting for you!

Ирина Федорова: "Как меня учил папа..."

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