Astigmatism Treatment

Astigmatism is treated by ocular or contact correction or by surgical operation.

There are several methods of astigmatism surgical correction, such as:

Keratomy – making non-through incisions on the cornea in the respective meridians, in this way the cornea is weakened in the stronger meridian and the refraction effect is achieved. This operation is performed in myopic or mixed astigmatism.

Thermokeratocoagulation – in the respective meridians the cornea peripheral region coagulation is made by heated metal needle, the cornea curvature increases resulting in the cornea refractive force increase. The operation is performed for correcting hypermetropic astigmatism.

Laser coagulation – is different from the previous method by laser ray application instead of metal needle.

In the recent years, excimer laser has become widely used for astigmatism correction. The refractive effect is produced by evaporating the cornea surface layer of given width by excimer laser. Photorefractive Keratomy and Laser Keratomileusis in situ (LASIC) are the operations in which laser is applied in the optic region center. They are performed for myopic astigmatism. The operation called Hypermetropic LASIC is performed for correcting hypermetropic astigmatism. In this operation laser is applied on the cornea central region periphery.

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