Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma Treatment

Currently there are three main directions of treating glaucoma: medicinal (conservative), laser and surgical.

Glaucoma treatment traditionally starts with using the medications reducing intraocular pressure. However, this approach to the disease treatment has serious flows, as the medicine (hypotensive drugs) do not reduce intraocular pressure (ophthalmologic tonus) quite often. In addition, the efficiency of medicine may be reduced as a result of long-term medicine application. Eye drops should be applied within strictly set time interval, which is not always possible. The drops major flaw is their having side effects such as progressing the cataract the patient already has, the eye-pupil narrowing, stable reduction of the intraocular liquid production which negatively affects the eye metabolism. Many medicines are counter-indicative for the patients having cardiovascular and respiratory system diseases. And, most importantly, medications fight not against the entire disease, but against its symptoms.

Because of this, specialists have elaborated and successfully apply the methods of new quality for treating glaucoma. These methods are effective, safe and non-traumatic. There are laser operations and surgical interventions among them.

In the first case, the laser ray penetrates the eye with no hindrance and improves the intraocular liquid outflow by affecting the eye drainage system. Glaucoma laser treatment is painless, short in time and is performed under the ambulatory conditions. Its best point is not applying surgical intervention to the eye ball. Unfortunately, the laser ray is not able to heal all the patients suffering from glaucoma. Surgical operation is an effective treatment method for the majority of people having this disease.

It is proved that the earlier surgical interference is performed, the more stable and quality vision preservation is in glaucoma-affected patients.

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